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Ghostie - Detailed Feedback

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Mon Aug 31, 2020 6:49 am

Hey,here is some detailed feedback for you. I couldn't find your bio, but thought to post it here.

So that leather brown suitcase that you picked up on did indeed have a camera installed inside it. It fed back information to the lockerbie plane crash so I understood that connection as a part of the history from when me and my dad were tracing back his family tree. There is a story beyond that , though, the crash in which my relative was overseeing , he was a retired policeman, overseeing the case and approaching in from the british side, he thought at the time it was odd seeing a man there with a leather brown suitcase, I believe the suitcase was a denmark trademarked hence the denmark connection. But this camera was feeding the information back to the American Embassy as there was a lot of Americans also on that plane that crashed. This is definitely connecting to my dads side of the family, yes there was an awful lot of emotion, George did in deed show me and my dad the site in which the plane fell at, the Americans had placed tombstones there now as in for loving memory on the site itself, so it was just emotionally heartwrenching to hear this from the one man who oversaw the whole crash from the police side of things and helped out.

Nanna's middle name is anne, her favourite flower was lily of the valley, she was a lovely lady, very much loved and very strong vibe, she was aware also in life and my role model to go to for things on this because while she didn't communicate in life about it to people, she definitely saw spirit. Despite her circumstances. Bless her.

The house situation is from my distant past. I was living in quite a negative place at one point which has impacted the current situation. It IS an ongoing situation - you are right - I was foolish to believe that any one of them had changed. I will cut the cord on that which attached because it brought in a quiet subdued mood. I felt loved after that reading and supported. It was exactly what I needed to hear from this journey so thank you ghostie ala mostie for completing it. I really hope this explains exactly what you picked up - you are spot on and kudos to you for reading and working again. You are not rusty, just need to work more often :P

Spirit, thank you, goddess bless you all. :thinktank:

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