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In a psychiatric ward without a clue what to trust

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Joined: Thu Sep 03, 2020 7:50 pm

Fri Oct 02, 2020 2:08 pm

Hi guys. I’m at a very hard point in my life which has landed me in a psychiatric ward where ive been for the past 3 nights. I have multiple diagnosis’s and medications coming out of my ears... so much to come to terms with especially when I’m not sure if I agree with everything doctors are telling me... I am kindly asking anyone who can communicate messages to help clarify my mental state and whether there is an imbalance or just the way I am... it’s been bugging me since my teens and I just want to know what to trust. Happy to provide any further info if seen fit. Thankyou in advance ❤️

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Joined: Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:02 am

Thu Oct 08, 2020 4:15 am

I feel you have told many about your spiritual gifts, you are not alone here, but what your experiencing is very true, many of us have gifts it doesn't make you crazy, but to those who don't understand they think of us as crazy, some do not know or understand what they cannot always see or feel, these people will turn you more into someone you are not! Trust me I'm with the White hat's worldwide, and I can tell you that most of these people apart of these psych wards are apart of the Illuminati! However you can get out of there, but you have told a lot about yourself, I also use to be a security officer for hospitals and I helped those they called psyhcs, and they will keep you in there for the rest of your life unless you read my words carefully, you do not need to tell much of anyone else anymore of your gifts, what you need to say to these people to let you go is this.... I made myself come here just because I have really been depressed in a break up with an ex of mine, so I thought by making some stuff up that it would land me here and low and behold it did, I am perfectly normal, I have just been through a lot and told my ex since the break up that I would do something to get him back with me and so I acted this whole thing out, and tell themthat you are truly sorry for everything and that you thought your ex would come back by doing this, but you see now that you needto move on, and tell them I was only mad at myself and that I did not mean everything I had stated...

Because I will tell you that if you don't come up with something like that, they will keep you there, what I just told you is enough to possibly get you free, but if someone put you in there from your family then you must do what you can to manipulate them like they are you, if all else fails go to the web for help, I'm sure you will get it especially from me, you are never alone, they just cannot accept what they do not realize sadly, and they never will because they are for the New World Order and they choose to be puppets.

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