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Why do i have a very faint sense that i'm being watched?

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Joined: Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:35 am

Mon Oct 19, 2020 8:55 am

I've been able to sleep well yes, but at night i always have a very, very faint sense that i'm being watched and i'm wondering why. I have anxiety and i've had a few encounters, one with a solid figure, as black as night, crouched over near my grandmas yarn bags, i was only 11 when this happened yet i remember it so vividly. the other encounter was a black shadowy mass floating from halfway across my room and disappearing into my closet. those are the only two experiences i've had, and i want to know if they're one of the reasons i feel like i'm being watched. i don't really get this feeling, and when i do, it tends to be very, very faint, almost non-existent. however, i don't get paranoid, so even if i get the feeling of being watched i tend to shrug it off and go about my night. i don't know if my encounters have anything to do with this, but i just want to know if whatever, or whoever, if anyone, has good or bad intentions for me. so, if anyone can help me find the reason for why i feel like being watched, if any reason, i would really, really appreciate it. I don't get scared easily, nor do i get worried easily, but this has me worrying a bit.

sorry for the text wall, i just didn't know how to shorten this

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Tue Oct 20, 2020 11:50 pm

Yes I do feel good decent spirits around you, they are watching out for you, so do not worry, if their intentions where to hurt you, they would have already is what I'm told, they are there because they have lived there before, and I feel the presence of three, two males and a female, they lookout for you a lot,they say you are welcome, but do not always be afraid, however they have stated that if you want them gone just ask,or tell them what you want, and they should listen.

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